St. Patrick's Day Parade, Nottingham
Stanhope Primary and Nursery School
Children and their families took part in an after-school art club and a class workshop to design and make their own costumes, processional props and banner.
The results were a feast for the eyes and a riot of colour. The Stanhope 'Bee' mascots were seen on parade from the Forest Recreation Ground and down Mansfield Road. They flew through a field of rainbow coloured shamrocks, kites, leprechauns and fairies with the sun shining all around. A fantastic day was had by one and all and the school received a warm welcome when entering the Old Market Square to a crowd of thousands!
"Your contribution was a rainbow overload and a joy to behold. For me on the 'step' with the VIP's the colour just came around the corner and I loved it!"
- Gerry Molumby, St. Patrick's Day Committee
"Many thanks for all you have done. My family really enjoyed working with you and my daughter wishes she could do it all over again as she enjoyed it that much."
- Alison Frost, Parent of Year 3 child
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